Share photos, links or files from your Keyboard at any time, through ZoZo Apps Keyboard Shortcuts.

Create Keyboard Shortcuts inside ZoZo for the photos, links & files you need to share at any time.

How It Works.

Choose Keyboard Shortcut Type.

Choose Keyboard Shortcut Type
Add content to keyboard shortcut

Add Content & Name Your Keyboard Shortcut.

Add ZoZo Keyboard in your Devices Settings

Turn On ZoZo’s Keyboard & Allow Full Access.

How to use ZoZo's Keyboard Shortcut from your devices keyboard

Toggle on ZoZo's Keyboard. Tap the Shortcut you want to Share.

Create Keyboard Shortcuts For

Below are examples of Keyboard Shortcuts you can quickly set up & start using.

Link Shortcut Icon

Social Profiles

Link Shortcut Icon

Portfolio Link

Link Shortcut Icon

Notion Pages

Link Shortcut Icon

Favorite Photos

File Shortcut Icon

Business Plan

File Shortcut Icon


Start Bookmarking. Start Sharing.

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