A New Startup Founder Tool For Pitching Investors.

Dec 19, 2022

ZoZo App allows you to share photos, llnks or files & get access to ZoZoGPT right from your keyboard

Raising Capital Is Time Consuming.

The part of this process that’s the most time consuming in my opinion is the manual outreach. You want the message to investors to have some sort of personal aspect to it, but at the same time contain all of your Startups information like:

  • Startup Pitch | What does your product / company do & how are you different? 

  • Startup Traction | What is your current product / company traction? 

  • Startup Pitch Deck

  • Closing Remarks | Do you have some time next week to chat about (company name) for 15 minutes? 

If you’re emailing investors on a daily basis you know how tedious it is to type out the above points and then you need to add some sort of personal touch to the email, it could be a sentence around where you found the investor, why they’re a great fit, etc.

Lets say we’re doing the above 25-30 times a day, by the end of the day your fingers are about to fall off. There has to be a way to streamline this process? 

Introducing, Keyboard Shortcuts.

Of course there is and I’m here to introduce how you can make this whole process smoother. First, let me do a quick intro… my name is AJ, I’m the founder of ZoZo App! I’m here to show you how ZoZo can help streamline the above process. If you don’t know, ZoZo allows you to create Keyboard Shortcuts for the text phrases, photos, links & files you need to share at any time.

That’s great, but how does this help you? 

Alrright, lets cut to the chase. You can use ZoZo to create a Text Phrase Keyboard Shortcut. You will name this Shortcut and then add your investor pitch which which highlights your Startup Pitch, Startup Traction, Startup Pitch Deck & Closing Remarks in it.

Now, lets say you come across an investor online that you wanted to reach out to. Instead of waiting until you got home or typing out the whole pitch which could take 5-10 minutes, all you need to do is tap the ZoZo Keyboard Shortcut you just created for your pitch. ZoZo will paste the whole pitch and all you need to do is add a personal line or two to the pitch. 

This Strategy also helps you reduce the margin of error when outreaching to investors. No more forgetting to type out your traction, pitch or even attaching your pitch deck. With ZoZo’s Keyboard Shortcut, everything you need is in the Shortcut. 

You might be asking, how hard is this to set up? It’s actually really easy, follow these instructions:

1. ZoZo by tapping here.

2. Open ZoZo and tap `+ New Shortcut` in the bottom left of the home page. 

3. Choose Text Shortcut

4. Name your Shortcut and create your Email Pitch, then tap the `Add Shortcut` button. 

5. THIS STEP IS FOR FIRST TIME USERS - Navigate to your phones settings -> Go to Keyboard Settings -> Add New Keyboard -> Add ZoZo’s Keyboard -> Give full access

6. Open the mail app. Tap the World Icon in the bottom left of your Keyboard to navigate to ZoZo’s Keyboard. Tap the Shortcut you just created.

7. That’s it! ZoZo will paste your pitch in the email!

I’m sure you will find that you can use ZoZo for other things, like creating a Link Shortcut for your products website that you can share right from your keyboard at any time! I’m constantly using ZoZo to share the following through Keyboard Shortcuts: 

  • Share the link to download ZoZo

  • Share ZoZo's Pitch Deck

  • Share ZoZo's One Liner

  • Share new Product Design Concepts

I hope our tool can help save you time and more importantly, get you funded. I appreciate you tuning into this blog and if you enjoyed it, please don’t hesitate to send it to other Founders in your network! 

- AJ + the ZoZo Team