Automating your daily workflow with Keyboard Shortcuts.

Nov 9, 2022

ZoZo App allows you to share photos, llnks or files & get access to ZoZoGPT right from your keyboard

What is Apple Shortcut App?

If you're looking to streamline your daily workflow, the Apple Shortcut app is a powerful tool that can help. With the Shortcut app, you can create custom shortcuts for tasks that you perform regularly. These shortcuts can then be accessed quickly and easily, saving you time in the long run. The Shortcut app is easy to use and customizable to fit your needs, making it a great way to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Why should I create Apple Shortcuts?

Apples Shortcut app can save you time by automating your daily tasks and workflows. With just a few clicks, you can have your workflow set up so that it works for you automatically, without having to remember any complicated steps or commands. This is great for reducing stress and anxiety, because taking care of repetitive tasks quickly and easily becomes a breeze with Apples Shortcut app.

Creating Apple Shortcuts is super simple – choose the type of application you want to use to automate your task and go through the rest of the process. When you're done these shortcuts will be used automatically based on how you interact with your phone.

What is ZoZo App?

ZoZo App allows you to create Keyboard Shortcuts for the photos, links & files you want to be able to share at any time.

When would you use this?

One common way users are using ZoZo is to save their social account links. Users can open ZoZo, choose the Link Shortcut option, paste the link to their profile and click create. Now whenever they need to share the link to their social account they can tap the shortcut they created right from their keyboard and it will paste their social account link wherever they're currently typing.

Why should you create Keyboard Shortcuts in ZoZo App?

If you're reading this article you're more than likely looking to improve your daily workflow & productivity. By creating Shortcuts with Apples Shortcut App & ZoZo App you can increase your workflow drastically.

Apples Shortcuts will contain a bunch of automation that will be reacting to what you do on your phone. ZoZo App takes a whole different angle, instead of providing automation (which we're working on) you can save things to share at any time.

Have a favorite photo? Create a Photo Shortcut in ZoZo so you can share it whenever you want.

Have a link to your website? Create a Link Shortcut in ZoZo so you can share it whenever you want.

Have a financial or word doc? Create a File Shortcut in ZoZo so you can share it whenever you want.

Why automating your workflow is important.

Automating your workflow can save you time and energy in the long run. By automating your tasks, you can be more productive and avoid mistakes.

Apples Shortcut app is a great tool for automating your daily workflow. It makes it easy to do repetitive tasks, which can help you be more productive.

Using ZoZo to create Keyboard Shortcuts will also increase your productivity since you won't be searching for content to share, everything is one tap away right from your keyboard.