Build a Web & Mobile App with No Code in less than 5 minutes.

Jan 21, 2023

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As many of you know I’ve been using No Code tools for over 4 years now, I recently did a write up on my top 3 No Code Website Builders and one of the Builders I suggested to take a look at was Adalo. Adalo, is a No Code Web & Mobile App builder. It’s actually insane the type of complex features you can create inside Adalo, like I explain in the breakdown, Adalo struggle on the design end of things. 

But there’s something Adalo does that I haven’t seen ANY other No Code Builder do before, which is having the ability to create a `Linked Database` between your Web App & App. 

What does this mean? 

It means your product can have both a web & mobile presence in Adalo, other No Code builders only allow you to do one or the other… not both. If you were to create a Web & Mobile App with Code I guarantee it would take 6+ Months & cost you a fortune, but don’t worry I’m here to show you to do this with No Code in under 3 minutes. 

Follow these Instructions:

Step 1

Navigate to Adalo’s website and create an account. Tap the Sign Up button, fill out the information and then click the `Let’s do this` button.

Sign up in Adalo

Step 2

Go ahead and Choose the Mobile App option.

Choose the App Type

Step 3

This is Adalo’s template page where you can start out with boiler plate features. For this tutorial we will choose the blank option.

Choose the Blank Template

Step 4

Give your app a Name, I’m naming mine `test`.

Name your project.

Step 5

Now your’e in the designer, at the top middle part of your screen tap the name of your project & choose `Create New App`

Create New App

Step 6

Instead of choosing the mobile app option, choose the web option instead.

Choose Web App

Step 7

Choose the blank template again for tutorial purposes.

Choose Blank Template Option Again

Step 8

Name your Web App, I’m naming mine Test 2.‍

Step 9 

Tap Advanced Options to the left the `Create` Button. Once you navigate to the Advanced Options page tap the `Shared Database` option and choose the name for the App you just built, in my case the name of my app is `Test`.  Tap done.

Step 10

Tap your name at the top middle of your screen and you will see that both your Web App & App share the same database. 


What’s the power of a shared database? 

When you design your database on your mobile app it will replicate on the web which makes it so much easier to build, you don’t have to do everything from scratch. Once you design both your mobile & web app you will be able to hook up your design to the same database. Now your customer can use your product on their computers through their web browser or on their mobile devices through your app. 

That way, you’re always connected with them. 


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