Check out a new Keyboard Shortcut Tool for Youtube Creators

Dec 15, 2022

ZoZo App allows you to share photos, llnks or files & get access to ZoZoGPT right from your keyboard

 Using ZoZo as a Youtube Tool.

Creating a Keyboard Shortcut will allow you to share your Youtube Profile / Video Link right from your keyboard whenever you need to. This means, you no longer have to copy / paste a link manually. The process is completely streamlined and now when you tap on your Keyboard Shortcut it will paste the link attached to it. Then all you have to do is tap the send button to share it! 

So how do we do this? It’s easy, let me break it down for you.

1. Download ZoZo App. Don’t worry you don’t even need an account to use ZoZo 🔥

2.Once you go through the onboarding experience, tap the + New Shortcut button in the bottom of left. 

3.Choose URL Shortcut. Name the Shortcut + add the link you want attached to this shortcut. 

4. Navigate to your Devices settings. Go to keyboard settings. Add ZoZo Keyboard and give full access. YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO THIS ONCE.

5. For example purposes, go to your iMessages. Tap the globe icon in the bottom left of your keyboard. You’ll see the Keyboard Shortcut you created. Tap it. 

6. You ZoZo’s Keyboard has successfully pasted your link into the Text Field. Tap send. 

7. That’s it! Access this link from your keyboard whenever you need it! 

In just 7 steps you’ve successfully created your first iOS Keyboard Shortcut and now have unlocked the ability to share your Youtube Profile / Video links from your keyboard whenever you need to. 

All we want to do is help you save time so you can spend more time doing what you love, creating content. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how you can use ZoZo as a Youtube Tool to quickly & effectively share links from your Youtube.