Every aspiring UI / UX Designer should have these two skills.

Nov 17, 2022

ZoZo App allows you to share photos, llnks or files & get access to ZoZoGPT right from your keyboard

Looking to become a UI / UX Designer? Here are a couple of skills you should lock in on in order to increase your chances of success. 

Skill 1 - Communication

In any design environment, communication is a key part of the job. The questions below are great questions to ask to not only get the information you need but to keep conversation going.

  1. What is the timeline for this project?

  2. Can you explain your pain points?

  3. Can you share the scope of work?

  4. Can you explain that feature request in more detail?

  5. Do you want to be on both iOS & Android? 

  6. What is your budget?

  7. Are there any example of products you can send me for inspiration? 

Skill 2 - Organization

This skill is so important, because as a Designer you will more than likely working on multiple design tasks that you will have to manage effectively. It's important that you keep everything organized so that the next designer that works on the project can quickly get up to speed. On top of this, staying organized can increase your productivity and the speed of getting your designs tasks completed.

How to improve your Communication & Organization? 

How do you get better at anything in life? Practice, duh! I would suggest walking through your designs yourself before your present them. You will find out that in doing this you discover a bunch of minor issues that need to be cleaned up. This practice not only practices your communication but also improves your designs! 

Improving you organization is a little trickier though, it's going to take time & commitment. You have to want to get better at organizing. You could use tools like Notion to organize everything. For those who don't know Notion is like the iOS Notes app but on Steroids! Notion allows you to create notes, excel sheets, roadmaps & more all in one platform.

Below are some examples on how you can use Notion to improve your organization.

Tracking Goals in Notion

Product Roadmap in Notion

Organizing Freelance projects with Notion

One more tip, check out ZoZo App.

ZoZo App gives you access to the photos, links & files you want to share at any time through custom Keyboard Shortcuts. How does that help you as an aspiring Freelancer? 

You can use ZoZo to create a Keyboard Shortcut for your portfolio link so that you can quickly share it with potential clients or employers. Another use case for ZoZo would be to store a Figma file link or design screenshots to a project so that you can share them at any time.