How to use ZoZo for Mac

Apr 28, 2023

ZoZo App allows you to share photos, llnks or files & get access to ZoZoGPT right from your keyboard

With the launch of ZoZo 2.0, we’re bringing ZoZo to Intel and Apple Silicon Macs using Mac Catalyst. You can finally create ZoZo shortcuts on your Mac.

It’s available now on the app store.

If you’re wondering how you can use ZoZo on your Mac, we put together a detailed guide on how to use and customize ZoZo for Mac to your needs.

Set up ZoZo for Mac

ZoZo App Siri Shortcuts Onboarding

Upon installing ZoZo on your Mac, you will be shown this page to enable ZoZo’s Shortcuts picker, click Install Siri Shortcut, to install the Siri Shortcut that powers the ZoZo for Mac experience. You will see a window showing the details of the Shortcut, click ‘Add Shortcut’.

If you already skipped the onboarding, don’t worry. Here’s how you can still install the Shortcut.

1. Open ZoZo’s home page

2. Click the gear icon to open Settings

3. Click Recommended Siri Shortcuts

4. Install ZoZo for Mac by clicking on it

Activate ZoZo’s Shortcuts Picker

There are a total of five ways to activate ZoZo for Mac, you can remember and use the one that fits your needs.

Directly add the result to the active text field

If you want ZoZo for Mac to mimic the behavior on iOS, where it adds the text, URLs and photos directly to an active text field, there are two methods you can use to activate that with ZoZo for Mac.

1. Via the Services Menu

Right click on the text field, go to the services menu, and select ZoZo for Mac, this will present the ZoZo Shortcuts Picker. We will discuss how to use the picker later in this article.

2. Via a Keyboard Shortcut

Open the Shortcuts app on your Mac, and search for ZoZo for Mac using the search bar, and double-click to open it.

This window will open up, click the ℹ icon on the top right of your screen. You will then see an option to add a Keyboard Shortcut.

Click Add Keyboard Shortcut, and then physically type the key combination you would like to use as your shortcut to open up ZoZo for Mac.

Click return to save the changes. You can now close out of the Shortcuts App. Next time you have an app open that has a text-field on the screen, you can use the keyboard shortcut you just set to activate ZoZo for Mac. The result will be added to the app’s text field automatically.

We’ve tested the ⌃⌘P shortcut to work well, it’s a key combination that does not interfere with an existing key combination in any system app.

Copy the result to Clipboard

If you want the shortcut’s contents to be copied to the clipboard, instead of being automatically added to the active text field, there are three ways you can use to activate ZoZo for Mac.

1. Via the Menu Bar

Click the Shortcuts Icon in your menu bar, and choose ZoZo for Mac. This will show the ZoZo Shortcuts Picker.

2. Via the Menu Bar

Open the Shortcuts app, locate ZoZo for Mac, and right click it, this should allow you to add it to your Dock to use it anytime.

3. Via Spotlight

Spotlight is an easy way to access ZoZo on your Mac, just type ZoZo for Mac and the shortcut should appear. You can also use alternatives to Spotlight such as Raycast or Alfred that support Siri Shortcuts.

Using ZoZo for Mac

All of the methods previously listed, should open the ZoZo Shortcuts Picker.

Using Shortcuts

After activating ZoZo on your Mac, just double-click on the shortcut, or select it and click Done.

The contents from the shortcut will directly be added to the text field, or copied to the clipboard, based on the method that you used to activate the Shortcuts Picker.

Using ZoZoGPT

If you’re using the keyboard shortcut or the services menu, follow these steps to directly add to the text field:

  1. Type out a prompt

  2. Select it

  3. Activate ZoZo for Mac via the key combination or the services menu

  4. Select “ZoZoGPT”

  5. Review your prompt

  6. Click done

  7. Wait for a few seconds before the generated content is added to the active text field

If you’re using the other methods, such as the Menu Bar, to copy to the clipboard,

  1. Activate ZoZo for Mac using your preferred method

  2. Select “ZoZoGPT”

  3. Type out your prompt

  4. Click done

  5. Wait for a few seconds before the generated content is copied to the clipboard. (Tip: Look at the shortcuts button in your menu bar to know when the task is finished, it will appear filled when loading, and transparent when finished)

That’s how you use ZoZo on your Mac. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we’d love to help you out.