Our 2023 WWDC Event Pridictions

Jun 5, 2023

In a world that moves with the blink of an eye, where every second holds the potential for the birth of the next big thing, Apple has consistently managed to leave us astonished, time and again. We stand on the cusp of their newest spectacle, the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023, eagerly anticipating what innovation lies on the horizon. Each year, the tech giant uses this platform to introduce groundbreaking technology, services, and products that reshape our digital reality. As we prepare ourselves for this highly anticipated event, let's take a moment to delve into what Apple might have in store for us this year. Prepare to dive into a sea of innovation, because at Apple's WWDC, the future is already here.

Lets jump into what we believe is going to happen this week.

Ian Conger - Chief Of Marketing

Firstly, it's highly anticipated that Apple will continue to push boundaries when it comes to its user interface, and you can expect more UX features to be added in the upcoming WWDC of 2023. The past couple years Apple has made some significant strides with theirs customization of UX features. Apple is fully aware that user experience is one of the most important aspects of any tech product, and it is highly likely that you will see more features that will allow for an even more seamless experience. Apple may likely introduce more intuitive gestures, creative animations and more customization options for users.

Another expectation I have is Apple will continue to improve on its iOS software, perhaps by introducing more compatibility between Apple devices, and even more Siri voice commands could be on the horizon. Additionally, Apple might release improved battery management, faster apps and more intelligent notifications. There’s also a growing demand for recording calls feature in iOS and we might see something in that direction.

Other advancements could emerge as Apple strives to stay ahead of the competition. For instance, you may see the introduction of even more augmented reality features, aimed at taking the platform to new heights. Apple has always been keen on exploring new technologies and trends, and so, we should expect nothing less from them in 2023.

AJ Picard - Chief Technology Officer

The biggest thing I’m excited for is see the improvements they’re bringing to iOS 17. If there exciting enough I’ll definitely be using our Developer account to upgrade early to test out the software. I love when Apple rolls out a new update to their iOS but it sucks having to wait 3 months before it launches.

I’m also excited to see if Apple launches a new Macbook Pro or iPad / Mac Mini, since I’m desperately in need of a new computer.

But, tbh… I’m excited to see if Apple Launches their VR Glasses / Headset. This is something the community has been waiting for. We need Apple to innovate again, in my opinion they have done so since the iPad Pro.

They’re the biggest tech company in the world so why aren’t they innovating more is the real question?

I’m sick of the minor improvements to their products / software I want something that’s going to be as ground breaking as the iPhone or iPod. Apples due for another innovative product, can't wait to see what happens this week.

Om Chachad - Chief Software Developer

WWDC 2023 is less than a week away, and I couldn’t be more excited.

It has been a little over two years since I stopped extensively keeping up with the leaks and rumors about upcoming Apple products, because I felt it often set unrealistic expectations for upcoming events. But, given the way tech youtube and tech twitter is, I have come across the one rumor that everyone is talking about, the AR/VR headset. I’m excited to see how Apple shows this off, and how the product actually works, and the new possibilities that it might unlock. My personal prediction is that it will be called “Apple XR” or “Apple XR Pro”, and will start at $2499, which is a departure from the predicted $2999 price tag, but $2499 just feels right to me.

Regardless of whether this rumor comes to fruition or not, I’m still very excited for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, and the new technologies that will come along with them, that’s what excites me the most as a software developer.

I’m also wondering if we will see any advancements in the AI field from Apple. Apple has already pre-announced Personal Voice, an incredible AI-powered accessibility feature for iOS 17, which is one of the best (and actually useful) implementations of AI that I’ve personally seen so far.

Oh, and, how could I forget the part of WWDC that we all love, Craig and his crack marketing team’s latest exploits for macOS 14.

What do you think Apples launching this week?