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Quick Hack To Increase Your Daily Productivity As A Creator

March 10, 2022

Hey Creators 👋

My name is AJ, I’ve been a Creator / Entrepreneur for over 5 years now. I love designing & building products, something about it never gets old.

I’m on Twitter a lot #BuildingInPublic. I tend to post updates / milestones around my startup ZoZo which allows you to create Keyboard Shortcuts for the content you want to be able to share at any time.

When I’m connecting with new people online or in person one thing I’m constantly sharing is my Twitter Profile.

Do you know how annoying it is to get your Twitter Profile link from your phone?

Can I do it? Of course, but shouldn’t it be a lot easier?

So I invented my own solution for sharing links like this quicker and more efficiently. That solution is called ZoZo.

With ZoZo I can create a Link Shortcut that will save the link to my Twitter Profile and I use this Link Shortcut right from my keyboard. This allows me to share my Twitter profile whenever I want.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Download ZoZo App.

2.Tap the Create Shortcut button in the bottom left.

Create Shortcut Button on the home page

3. Tap the Shortcut Type dropdown at the top of the page and choose URL Shortcut.

ZoZo Link Shortcut

4. Fill out URL Shortcut Information. Paste the link to your Twitter account in the URL Field. Don’t forget to name the Shortcut. Tap ADD SHORTCUT button.

ZoZo Link Shortcut filled out.

5. You now should see your Keyboard Shortcut you just created on your home page.

What the Keyboard Shortcut looks after you created!

6. Make sure you’ve added ZoZo’s Keyboard to your Keyboard from your devices setting and you have provided the Keyboard with Full Access.

Add ZoZo's Keyboard to your Keyboard
Allow Full Access to ZoZo's Keyboard

7. Open up iMessage (or any other app) and tap the icon in the bottom left of your keyboard.

Tap the button in the bottom left of your keyboard to access ZoZo Keyboard

8. Find the Keyboard Shortcut you created.

Example of where the Keyboard Shortcut you created in ZoZo is located.

9. Tap the Keyboard Shortcut and you will see your Twitter Profile Link pasted in the Textfield.

Example of using a ZoZo Keyboard Shortcut

That’s it! Now you have your Twitter Profile accessible right from your Keyboard. You can do this with other links you share a lot, Photos, Text Phrases & Files!

I hope this productivity hack with ZoZo App helps you in your day to day.