Say Hi To ZoZoGPT

Mar 14, 2023

ZoZo App allows you to share photos, llnks or files & get access to ZoZoGPT right from your keyboard

If you’re someone who is constantly using ChatGPT than I would I highly suggest taking the time to read this article.

Our team is excited for you to meet, ZoZoGPT.

What is ZoZoGPT?

ZoZoGPT allows you to use ChatGPT from your iPhone or iPads keyboard, which means you will have access to ChatGPT whenever, where ever.

Stop waiting for access to ChatGPT. Stop going to the Browser to us ChatGPT. Get access to ChatGPT right from your Keyboard.

Our goal with ZoZoGPT is to bring our products vision together, we’r here to increase your productivity through Keyboard Shortcuts. With ZoZoGPT you now have access to ChatGPT through a Keyboard Shortcut, but that’s not even the best part! You can still use ZoZo App to share the content attached to the Keyboard Shortcuts!

Talk about the best of both worlds!

We will be launching ZoZoGPT in early April, if you’re interested in getting access to ZoZoGPT you can sign up by tapping the button below this blog post.