ZoZo - Create Keyboard Shortcuts for the content you share the most.

The best tool for Realtors to use to share property listings, leases and more. 

January 6, 2023

As a Realtor you’re constantly on the move showing new homes to people interested in purchasing or renting. As you become more established in the industry as many realtors know, your phone starts ringing off the hook. 

At times it can be hard to stay organized. You have to manage the links to specific properties that you can share with potential buyers, you have to organize lease documents for potential clients along with a ton of other tasks. Things can get cumbersome. Not to mention, you’re always on the move working from your phone mostly. 

There are a ton of different types of tools to help Realtors, some of them are: 

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM) software: This helps agents keep track of leads, client interactions, and important dates. 
  2. Marketing tools: These can help agents create and distribute marketing materials, such as social media posts and email campaigns.
  3. Virtual tour software: This allows agents to create virtual tours of properties, which can be useful for clients who are unable to visit a property in person.
  4. Home valuation tools: These tools can help agents provide clients with estimates of a home's value.
  5. Home design software: This can help agents visualize and suggest changes or improvements to a property.
  6. Transaction management software: This helps agents stay organized and manage the paperwork and details of a real estate transaction.

All these types of Tools can really improve a Realtors day to day, but there’s a new tool on the block that I wanted to introduce to you and it’s called ZoZo.

What’s ZoZo? 

In simple terms, ZoZo allows you to create Keyboard Shortcuts for the photos, links or files you need to share at any time. The goal of the product is to allow you to have information you want to share at any time ready to share at any time. 

How can ZoZo help you? 

There are a ton of ways ZoZo can help improve your day to day, below are a couple of Use Cases you can use:

  1. You can use ZoZo to create a Keyboard Shortcut for specific Listings. This will allow you to share the link to the listing at any time right from your keyboard.
  2. You can use ZoZo to save Photos of a listing to a Keyboard Shortcut incase you wanted to share the photos of the listing with a potential buyer. The best part is you can do it right from your keyboard 
  3. Another use case is saving Lease agreements or any type of file to a Keyboard Shortcut, that way you can share this Lease agreement or file whenever you need to. 

With ZoZo you can quickly share information with potential buyers, no more having to search for property links, leases or anything like that. All you need to do is take the time to create the Keyboard Shortcuts you need and ZoZo will handle the rest when you’re ready to share a specific piece of content.