Tips for launching on ProductHunt

Oct 28, 2022

ZoZo App allows you to share photos, llnks or files & get access to ZoZoGPT right from your keyboard

What product did I launch on ProductHunt?

The name of the product is called ZoZo, which allows you to create Keyboard Shortcuts for the photos, links & files you want to be able to share at any time. The goal is to create a product that allows people to share their favorite content / information as fast as possible.

It’s 2022, why are we still copy & pasting or typing? Everything should be automated and that’s what we’re doing with ZoZo.

ZoZo launched 5 weeks ago and since then we’ve been gaining significant momentum, but even with that momentum we wanted to make sure we hit our ProductHunt launch out the park.

Step 1. Create Content To Showcase.

When creating your ProductHunt launch it will ask you for Photos & Videos that showcases your product. I highly suggest you take this seriously, these Photos / Videos are going to be drawing people in on your launch day to explore your product. Remember, people are drawn to pictures & videos.

Here’s what ZoZo’s page looked like:

ZoZo ProductHunt Post

Step 2. Tell your community in advance.

The first step we did in this process was send out a Newsletter letting our community know that we would be launching on ProductHunt on 10/22/22 and to look out for an email to give us an upvote.

This strategy plants the seed in your communities head and generates hype around what you’re doing.

If you don’t have a newsletter, no problem at all I have a solution you can use!

Step 3. Building In Public on Twitter.

If you don’t have a community you can blast to I suggest using Twitter. Twitter has an unbelievable building in public community all you have to do is use the #BuildingInPublic on your Tweets.

I would suggest announcing the your launch in Tweet and to ask if there is anyone that wants to get notified when you launch on ProductHunt to give you an upvote. Below is a Call To Action Tweet I used for a Design Course I’m creating, you can do the same for your building in public Tweet.

Step 4. Manual Outreach.

Now lets say you’ve done everything I’ve suggested above, what else can you do?

I’ve always been a fan of getting in the dirt / weeds. What I mean by that is start reaching out to your friends, family & network. DM people on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

Don’t spam them with a message that turns them off. Here’s the message I used for manual outreach!


Don’t get me wrong there are a ton of other hacks you can do to drive upvote for your Product. These tips helped ZoZo get to #3 product of the day.