ZoZo - Create Keyboard Shortcuts for the content you share the most.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Market my Startup.

There are a ton of founders out there sliding in peoples DMs promoting the product they’re building. I can attest to this since I reach out to 20-30 people about my product ZoZo, which is an app that allows you to create Keyboard Shortcuts for the content you share the most. There’s one thing about manual outreach that every founder can relate to… it takes a ton of commitment. There are times I’m spending 2-3 hours reaching out to people, I used to have to think of pitches I could copy & paste to send.

Well, times have finally changed.

Now I use ZoZo for all my manual outreach. You might be asking… how can ZoZo help me reach out to people quicker? Lets start with creating a Text Phrase Shortcut in ZoZo. (I will be attaching pictures so you can visually see how easy it is to get this set up.)

Creating your Text Shortcut

Next, you’re going to want to turn on ZoZo’s keyboard in your Devices Keyboard settings.

Provide full access to ZoZo's keyboard

Once you’ve done that you’re ready to start using the Shortcut you just created.

Navigate to iMessages, tap the world icon at the bottom left of your keyboard to toggle ZoZo’s keyboard. Tap the Startup Pitch Shortcut you just created and ZoZo will paste the pitch for you!

How to use the Text Shortcut you just created.

Now you can send messages a lot faster when you’re reaching out to people 🎉

Don’t worry there are a ton of other ways you can ZoZo to improve your productivity. We will be sharing more examples soon.