Why Vision Pro will be worth it, in the long run.

Jun 7, 2023

Vision Pro Image

This week Apple held their World Wide Developer conference aka WWDC, where they announced a new innovating product called Vision Pro.

What is Vision Pro?

Vision Pro is essentially a VR / AR Headset that joins both the physical and Digital World. With Vision Pro you have access to ANYTHING, think of this as a computer in a headset.

Google tried to launch a similar product years ago called Google Glass that completely flopped due to the price point, society not being ready for this type of technology & developers not having the freedom to build for the platform.

So what’s changed?

Well, since Google Glass, AR & VR markets have boomed. Facebook is leading the market with their Occulus device, but it hasn’t been a massive adoption. There are a ton of factors in my opinion on why these headsets are flying off the shelf, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never have their time…

The biggest complaints these Headsets get are:

  • Too Expensive

  • Headsets are heavy

  • Need a strong computer or console to use the headset

  • Mobility is restricted

So how is Vision Pro different?

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about Vision Pro, but I quickly changed my mind once I saw how it functions in more details.

Here’s why I’m investing in Vision Pro for the long term:

  1. Price - Its going to be really hard to get consumers onboard at $3,500 a headset. I respect this price point because it’s a new technology, but I do expect Apple to launch a Vision SE, a cheaper model for consumers to purchase. With a cheaper price, it can only get more consumers to buy into the headset.

  2. Mobility - This is the first headset I’ve see that can be worn anywhere. It has 2 hours of battery life but if plugged in (details still a little vague) you can use it all day. You don’t have to be connected to anything, which is unbelievable.

  3. Memories - You can tap a button on Vision Pro and it will start recording exactly what you see that you can watch later. Now you can relive memories whenever you need to right inside the headset.

  4. User Interface - This is the second biggest reason why I believe Vision Pro will succeed. The UI power by VisionOS looks and feels exactly like iOS, iPadOS & MacOS, something we’re all familiar with. Not only that the UI looks modern, futuristic & clean, Apples fully adopted the glass blur effect which I’m a huge fan of.

  5. User Experience - This is what separates Vision Pro from the rest, the experience you have using this Headset is like no other. The reason is due to the Sensors Apple installed into Vision Pro, thanks to these Sensors you don’t know need a remote or controllers to interact with the UI inside the headset… all you need are your hands. You use your eyes to scan what you want to interact with, when you find that element you pinch your fingers to tap or click on that element. Then you can use the scroll gesture with your hands to scroll through a page.

Vision Pro is the future of Society and it’s only going to improve, I believe in 5-10 years Apple will have this technology integrated into a Contact that fits in your Eye… similar to what you saw in that Black Mirror Episode.

The adoption for Vision Pro might not be great in the beginning but I expect it to ramp up as Apple adds more features & drops the price. If anyone is going to do it right, it's going to be Apple.

Our team is already thinking of ways we can integrate ZoZo into Vision Pro, we’re taking our time with this development, we want to make sure that we’re building a product that’s useful at the end of the day.